Vape Pens and What it Is

Vaping is a commonly heard term these days, though very few people can figure out the true meaning of the word. While the term is often used for smoking vapour, it is commonly associated with smoking
electronic cigarettes.

What does Vape utilize?

When you vape, you are actually using a liquid made from vegetable glycerine or propylene glycol, which is mixed with some amount of nicotine and additional grade flavouring that will gets vaporized inside a battery-powered, small sized atomizer. It works very well to stimulate the feeling of smoking. The vapour that is created inside is inhaled and exhaled, just like traditional cigarette smoking. This is one of the reasons why it is called Vaping, not Smoking.

While it is incredibly helpful it also helps your lungs not to get burned out by giving you clean and even extraction from the pen. Vaporizers make it a lot easier for you on a daily basis to smoke the herb of your choice without causing much harm to you and the people that surround you.

How do vape pens work?

In order to understand how a vape pen works it is important to understand what it does. A vape pen helps the herb that you are using to heat up but not com-bust. It uses essential oils to make sure that the herb is boiled to an extent to which it creates a vapor that is then inhaled by the consumer in the same way as if he were smoking, causing a lot less harm than the normal smoke out of filtered cigarette.

Types of vaporizers There are two types of pens that are used to make the dry herbs into vapor through essential oils that contain active ingredients:

Conduction is the traditional or initial method of how vape pens work. Even though it is safe, it suffered from a major design defect. Because the essential oils were heating up the herb in order to create even vapors, there was a part of the herb that was being left untouched causing the herb to combust. This was losing out the complete idea of the pens. The part where the herb was, was in direct contact with the consumer, thus heating it up was not going to be feasible.

Convention us the new hybrid design, it allows the air inside the pen to boil the herbs and thus the herbs in the centre of the mass is also getting exposed creating even vaporization. These pens are thermostatically controlled and are expensive because controlling air temperatures in them is much harder.

Are vape pens safe?

The answer to this question is simply a yes! There isn’t anything in today’s world that is absolutely 100% safe, it is about minimizing risks. If you are using a vape pen it is mountains less harmful than a cigarette. The thing here is about changing your habits a little, if you are a smoker and want to find an alternative to have better healthier lungs then you can place your bets on this!

Vape and It’s Top 5 Health Benefits

All You Need to Know about The Vape Pen

Vape Pen Set

Believe it or not, vaporizers have been around for quite some time now. Presently, with the increase in the explosive popularity of oil and wax concentrates, people have been getting more interested and learning more about them. It has several advantages over traditional cigarettes, which has made it increasingly popular among smokers, and health nuts as well.

What is a vape pen?

It’s basically a smoking device, which does not have harmful effects that are caused due to combustion and the burning process of smoking. These kinds of devices produce pure vapour without the associated toxins. Vape pens are the newest introduction in this category, which are often considered as the best type of portable vaporisers. These days you may often see people smoking electronic cigarettes in public places. The vape pen is quite similar to that and the only exception is, it allows you to insert your dry herbs or oil and wax concentrates into it.

Advantages of using a Vape Pen

  1. Health Benefits

The device produces a vapour that can be inhaled by its users. It has a central heating component that slowly heats up the dry herbs, oil or wax, which is inserted in it. The heating temperature lies between 350 to 400 degrees, which is below the combustion point. Thus, the users can get the vapour, in its purest form. The other smoking devices often have temperatures as high as 1000 degrees or even more. Thus, the herbs or oils get burnt, resulting in unwanted injurious toxins. Thus, the users inhale the unwanted residues, which cause damage to their lungs.

This is one of the major benefits of using a vape pen over other smoking devices. It is the purest form of smoking, as it does not allow any of the burnt toxins you would get with burning leaves, to get inside your body. Thus, less amount of pollution is getting inside your lungs, decreasing the risks of conditions like, stroke, heart attack, lung cancer, throat cancer, osteoporosis, pneumonia and countless other diseases. Many of the vape pen users have reported to be feeling physically more fit after switching to vape pens.

  1. Easy Portability

Another great advantage of using the vape pens is its discreetness. It comes in a wide range of designs. The common feature of these designs is the small and portable sizes, which will easily fit into your pocket, so that you can carry it anywhere and anytime. The fact that they are so tiny and portable makes it the best vaporizer to own.

  1. No Rancous Odour

The smell of the traditional cigarettes is very much prominent as it burns tar and chemicals apart from tobacco. In fact the odour clings onto anything that comes in contact with it, like clothes, hair, bags, even the room. So, after smoking often the odour stays with the person for a long time and many people even prefer avoiding close contact during that time. The smoker himself may not notice it very often, but for the non-smokers this smell is very much noticeable.

The vape pens do not have any such bad odour. It actually has a decent smell, because instead of exhaling smoke, the user exhales a vapour that immediately evaporates. The users of vape pens, consider the smells to be virtually non-existent. Thus, it saves you from being embarrassed in any situation.

  1. Cheaper than other smoking options

Vape pens are considered to be a more efficient device compared to others, in bringing out the most of cannabis. Some of the studies even suggest that, vape pens are thirty to forty percent more efficient than smoking of cigarettes. Thus, the user will need to use less cannabis for getting the same level of satisfaction that he gets from smoking.

Thus, if it is assumed that the vape pen is thirty percent more efficient, that means you will require to use nearly one-third weed of the quantity that is being used in traditional cigarettes. Thus, you are saving a substantial amount of money over a period of time.

  1. One-time buy

For the traditional cigarettes, you have to go on buying them again and again. A good quality cigarette easily costs you between $7 to $12. If you have a pack of cigarettes on a daily basis, then on an average you spend $300 or above every month. Apart from that, there are the additional costs for lighters, ash trays, etc.

However, in case of vape pens, the cost of buying the kit may be high, but when you look at the larger picture, it costs you much less, as it is a one-time investment. The vape pens are highly durable and serves you for quite a long period of time, thus they can bring down the overall cost by a large amount.

Quick Vape Pen Smoke-Trick Interlude!

  1. Safer to use

The traditional cigarettes require an open flame to light them and thus, there are possibilities of serious fire hazards. In case of the e-cigarettes users do not need any open flame and they do not burn. So, your clothes, furniture, or bed does not have the risk of catching fire.

  1. Easy to dose

Unlike the other methods of smoking, vape pens are an excellent method for keeping a control over the dosage. The device helps you to easily reach the high that you desire. The modern convection vape pens evenly vaporise the herbs, without destroying it, like it is done by combustion. Thus, it is ensured that you are getting the most of it.

  1. No negative social impact

Smoking traditional cigarettes are seen negatively by the society at large because of several reasons, like, negative impact on health, smell and even the health care costs and many more. Thus, there are increasing amount of restrictions in the society related to, where people can light up cigarettes. But, there are no such restrictions for the vape pens. Thus, more and more people are opting for this over the traditional cigarettes, as that does not cause any harmful effects and is also more accepted in the society.

The vape pens are becoming more accepted, because of their large number of benefits. It is the most cost-effective and healthy way of smoking. If you are open to try something new or looking for an alternative to your traditional cigarettes, consider trying it out. It will allow to live a healthier life and you will not have to give up smoking.

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